Utilizing state of the art equipments, our brilliant metal 
and mechancal engineers along with skillful craftsmen provides fabrication in many types of metals including structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and brass. Our fully certified welding team can provide on-site fabrication and installation. In addition we have the capability (CNC) to create specialized mechanical, motion control, pneumatics and hydraulics. We can also enhance your projectusing fire, water and fog effects.


Mechanical Design and Motion Control, Engineering and Structural Fabrication. Small and Large Scale Metal Sculpture. Full time certified welders. WaterJet and AbrasiveJet Technology 


Ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet and abrasive jet technology. Pure water cutting, without the use of added abrasives. Capable of cutting a wide variety of materials from metal to granite. Waterjet cutting adds a precise tool to the fabrication of any project. Designed to cut through virtually any material with a high level of precision