As CEO and President of AES, Craig Bugajski has led the company since its inception, overseeing a significant expansion of its services and redoubling the company's investment in state of the art equipment. A firm believer in building a creative culture which fosters talent and encourages out-of-the-box thinking, Bugajski has overseen a period of unprecedented innovation and growth for the company, including the opening of its new AES Florida facility.

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EV Managing Director
As Managing Director, E.V oversees all operations and manages AES projects and accounts. Bringing nearly a decade of experience to her work, as well as an appreciation for her colleagues’ sense of humor, E.V’s favorite moments are seeing clients' excitement when their projects come to life.

TIM JOHNSON Sr. Project Manager
Tim Johnson brings nearly two decades of experience in construction management to his role at AES, and he specializes in high visibility projects and fall protection. A former Marine, Johnson excels at finding innovative ways to fabricateproducts, delivering results which meet and exceed client expectations.

KYLE AMERINE Project Manager
As a Project Manager with over a decade of experience, Kyle Amerine thrives off seeing the joy and satisfaction a finished AES project brings. Specializing in on-site installation, and excelling at client interaction, Amerine particularly enjoys parade float and photo op projects that utilize the resourcefulness and ingenuity he honed as an Eagle Scout.

KURT BOYER Project Manager
Kurt Boyer brings nearly a decade of experience in commercial construction to his role at AES, and his background makes him a specialist in large build projects that completely transform spaces. His passion for taking projects from start to finish is fueled by the excitement he sees them bring to clients and the public.


MARTIN CHAIREZ Project Manager
As a Project Manager specializing in onsite supervision, Martin Chairez’s favorite projects are often the most challenging ones, because they expand his understanding of what is possible. A member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, Chairez brings more than a decade of carpentry experience to his role at AES.

ROB PEARSON Creative Director
As Creative Director, Rob Pearson adds his artistic insights to all AES projects, specializing in 3D concepts, design, and sculpting. With 25 years of experience, the California native has tackled challenges of every stripe and thrives on the creative adventure of seeing projects from concept to installation.

JOHN RAMIREZ Conceptual Designer
John Ramirez began his work as a float designer in 1988, creating parade floats for theme parks, and he has now spent almost a decade designing floats for the Rose Parade. Mentored by the legendary animator Chuck Jones (the creator of Bugs Bunny), as well as Disney greats Ollie Johnson and Frank Thomas, Ramirez cites meeting new clients as one of the great pleasures of his work at AES.

Jose Saldivar brings two decades of experience to his role at AES, where he oversees Accounts Payable and Payroll. A born and bred Angeleno, Saldivar prides himself on ensuring every detail is attended to and every customer is happy.


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MIKE ALBURY Project Manager
As a Project Manager with 16 years of experience, Mike Albury prides himself on his exceptional bond with clients and his passion for ambitious projects with wow factor. With a background in scenic art and a BA in Art History, Albury specializes in projects with strong themed and scenic elements.

CORY BRUH Asst. Project Manager
With Bachelors degrees in both Public Administration and Political Science, Corey Bruh brings an eagle eye for details and a passion for exploring new concepts to his work at AES. Specializing in permitting and purchasing issues, Bruh prides himself on his ability to meet the unique challenges that each project brings.


RICK IIAMES Sales and Estimating
As AES’ Sales and Marketing lead, Rick Iiames understands the full range of each department’s capabilities, from the expertise of the carpentry and metal fabrication teams to the specialties of the artisans who perfect clients’ projects. With over a decade of experience in themed projects, signage, and scenic, and 15 years spent in the world of culinary arts, Iiames, a native Ohioan, knows the importance of both logistics and artistic considerations.

With more than 25 years of experience, an MSA, and a certification as a Public Bookkeeper, Janet Tingle oversees all accounts for AES’ Florida operations. With a front row seat to the entire lifecycle of each project, Tingle cites the pride of seeing a job well done and a client satisfied, as the best part of her day.

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JOAN LANG Business Development
Marketing specialist Joan Lang brings a wealth
of diverse business development experience
to her role at AES. Dedicated to forging client relationships, Lang, a native Ohioan, works to identify, develop, and deliver new opportunities
for the company.