Using up-to-date 3D softwares, our in-house designers and sculptors are set to deliver exceptional pieces from miniatures to massive set pieces. We craft our projects from foam, fiberglass, and plastics, using whatever material will best complement your design concept.
Our sculpting and casting department can produce 
theme scenic elements, realistic replications, art sculptures and permanent structures.



8000 square feet of shop space, Fiberglass Application System, A & B Foam Application System, 3D Scanning.


Hand Carving, Machine Carving with 7 Axis CNC Robotic Arm Machine, Metal Rod Sculpture. KUKA KR 1000 titan 7-axis ROBOTIC 20 Horsepower outer head capable of reaching objects up to 13 feet. Small  to large scale 3D reproduction. Capable of carving wood, foam, plastic, and many other substances. FARO Laser Scan Arm V3. Wireless Scanning Laser Line Probe is fully compatible with Quantum Faro Arm’s Bluetooth®㋿ technology. Laser scan up to 19,200 points per second. Fully  Integrated 7-Axis Scanning. No external attachments and internal wiring provide greater flexibility two motors that have their own respective gear unit.