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Attire: We suggest that all our decorators wear old, grubby clothes. This is a construction site and there is a lot of paint and glue. You may also want to bring a sweater or jacket.
Food: You are encouraged to bring a sack lunch, but a lunch truck will be available on site. There are also nearby fast food restaurants in the area.
Age Limit: Age Limit: Only people 13 and older are allowed on scaffolding. Children ages 11-12 may decorate in other areas.
Scissors: We suggest that you bring a pair of your own scissors.
Valuables: We do not have lockers or storage to keep personal items such as sweaters, jackets, purses, etc. Radios, iPods, CDs, and cassettes are not permitted. Please use cell phones outside the float building area as they interfere with our communication system. Headsets are not allowed when working on floats.
Parking: AES does not accept responsibility for parking, security for decorator’s vehicles,
or for personal property. Parking is available on the streets.

Also, as a reminder, there is no smoking inside the float building.


DO be prepared to work hard. All jobs are equally important.
DO work only on the float or job that you are assigned. 
“sight-see” around the float building.
DON’T be wasteful of any decoration materials. 
DON’T refuse to do any job….they are all necessary! 
DON’T bring any valuables with you. AES does not accept responsibility
for lost, damaged, or stolen articles. 
take flowers to put in your hair or to save as souvenirs - We Need Them. 
play, climb, or eat on scaffolding.
DON’T ever move scaffolding. Your float supervisor will request crew to handle any moves.

Please understand that you are here at your own risk. This is a construction site.  
AES assumes no liability for accident or injury.